The Rogers Agency

The Rogers Agency, located in Hampton Roads, is a full-service advertising, sales and marketing firm.  We provide more qualified customers to our clients through smart advertising campaigns. As your agency, we believe the best use of your time is to focus on what you do best… your business.  Our goal is to bring customers to you in the most cost effective manner.

Our Philosophy

At the core, every business needs customer attraction, conversion and retention to survive and excel in today’s market.  Everything we do in advertising and marketing is to that end. Anything else would be creativity for the sake of being creative – which is fun, but not necessarily smart for our clients. We have great ideas, but we craft our message to fully benefit our client.

Our Results

One of our home remodeling clients experienced a 300% increase in website traffic along with leads for new business, resulting in increased sales and profitability. An automotive client of ours experienced a 54% increase in traffic to their dealership resulting in substantial increases in sales and profitability. These are the kind of results that motivate us and make us love what we do.

Internet Marketing

We offer marketing services in social media, website design and building, SEO, SEM, display advertising, and more. If you need to build awareness for your business, increase traffic and leads, and rank well on search engines you have come to the right place.

Video Production

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years in producing thousands of TV commercials and corporate videos. Quite honestly, it’s what we do best. You can expect top-notch video productions that captivate your audience.


We’ve bought and placed TV spots for decades, so it’s safe to say that The Rogers Agency can guarantee results. Television has high reach potential, high frequency and is among the most cost efficient of all mediums.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned through advertising with radio for our clients, it’s that radio is not dead yet. Radio is unique in its ability to broadcast messages intrusively, providing high frequency to a specific target group and we’ve seen great results.

Why Choose The Rogers Agency?

Our campaigns are all about delivering results to clients.  How do we define results? Increased traffic, leads, word-of-mouth referrals, and top-of-mind awareness that results in more sales and subsequently more profits. We care about the success of your business. When we begin crafting a project for a client, we imagine that client smiling at us and saying “people are talking about us more now” or “we’re getting more business”. That’s what keeps us going strong. Not to mention, we love what we do and we’ve been doing it for a long time, so we’re good at it and we use the newest and most innovative ways to connect you with prospective customers.

A Clear Path to Success

Many of the clients that we represent are “a bit overwhelmed” with all of the internet options and mediums of advertising and marketing.  We work very hard to bring calm, clarity and direction.  We challenge our clients to expand their footprints and customer base in order to reach and connect with this ever shrinking world.  The internet and all of the potential that it represents offers many new revenue opportunities now and going forward.

Get to Know Us

We’re a creative bunch of kids at heart and our passion is helping grow small business and non-profits.

What Our Clients Have to Say…

"We thoroughly enjoy working with The Rogers Agency. They have taken our marketing efforts to a new level from the media campaign to the creative. The commercials they have produced for us are top-notch. David’s knowledge of the market and our demographics helps us get more return on our investment. Their creative director, Mitzi, is extremely talented and does a fantastic job writing our blogs. We are also so impressed with Justin, who does our video blogs. The whole team at The Rogers’ Agency is first-rate. We are lucky to call them friends and we highly recommend their services. "

− Hatchett Design Remodel

"Look no further if you want to find the right agency to understand your brand and your message! The team at The Rogers Agency are professional, fun, and true leaders in advertising. Their love of community and philanthropy gave us the opportunity to work with them, and the short film they developed for our fundraising efforts captures the true essence of our mission in a way that will inspire so many!"

− January Serda, Director of Development at Horizons Hampton Roads, Inc.

"The Rogers Agency nailed it! Justin and Mitzi did a great job preparing for our video shoot days and made the interviews very comfortable. Justin's "eye" for compelling video really helped Horizons tell our story."

− Dick Towbridge, Executive Director of Horizon Hampton Roads, Inc.

"Even as a young business, we knew we were professional and polished, but Justin made our business LOOK exceptionally professional and polished. The video was so well put together and appealing, I was excited about buying my own product. Rave reviews from our customers and friends!"

− Rex Hamaker, Owner of Taste Tidewater Tours

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